Wednesday, February 24, 2016

For The Love Of Easter And All That Means

 Easter is a beautiful religious holiday and we all celebrate with our own traditions, whatever those may be. It can be a very spiritual day and some tend to keep it private, while others are out there in full swing. It's the awakening of life, or the rebirth of life and it can take many different forms.
 I love the spring season and all it brings to my craft room/work room. It is a time to get busy and get things done before the summer heat of the desert sets in. I have created plaques like the one above using a piece of wood, painted it and applied a lovely graphic and all the decorations I could find. So dang cute even if I do say so myself. LOL!
 The above cups come from my father in laws stash. In the good ole days, parties often used a large punch bowl and cups like these. I don't have the punch bowl but I do have quite a few of these cups. They are a silver plated that I painted a cottage white and decorated. Each cup contains a wooden egg, also painted, glittered and decorated, so cute.
 This little gem is a decorated egg, extra large in which the top is filled with ribbons, pearls, roses and some silks. I even added a too cute bunny on the top just for the occasion. HA! Spells Easter to me.
 My mother had an older glass dish in the shape of a heart, of course I added five decorated eggs to it and there you have it, the perfect gift or shabby/cottage decor.
 Another punch bowl cup, only this one I left alone instead of painting. I used a nest with eggs and some beautiful trims to shabby her up and get her ready for a new home. Cute enough to keep out all year long. Nests are not just for Easter.
A natural egg in a sundae glass. Why not? Looks so good to me, and it's all decorated with flowers, handmade roses and some bling. Like what you see? You can find all this and more on my website,

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