Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy As A Bee Making Stockings

I have learned from past mistakes, that one can never be too early or prepared for the holidays. Sooo, I have decided to start early this year and be ready for a wonderful holiday season.
I thought I would show you the first of 5 of my completed stockings.
I hope you enjoy what I have created so far this year.

Vintage crochet work as well as vintage buttons and a cute ornie at the top.

Venise Lace and a sweet gingerbread star at the top.

This image is probably one of my most favorites. I love the look of these Victorian ladies. Vintage lace was used also.

More vintage buttons and lace, along with another beautiful image of Victorian ladies dressed up in fashionable clothing.
This is the first of 10 completed stockings. I will be showing you more later in the week.
These will be uploaded onto my website Someplace In Thyme this week.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Creation

A customer of mine wanted a pillow made using this romantic and Victorian fabric. She wasn't sure if she wanted a roll pillow like the one pictured here, or a square pillow.
It didn't matter to me because I think both are beautiful. After both were made, she choose the square pillow.
Aren't they just lovely!  Dressed in the finest of lace, fabrics and hats. What a beautiful time they are having.

I like to embellish the sides of my roll pillows using ribbons, florals and in this case, pearls.

This loveliness will be going on my website, Someplace In Thyme. I have been busy creating gorgeous stockings for the holidays and will be showcasing them soon. I hope you will come back and see what I have been up too.