Friday, December 31, 2010

Sachet Just Listed

Pretty and Romantic, this strawberry sachet is filled with dried lavender buds grown in the U.S.A.
Made with cotton that showcasing lovely pink roses, I decorated the top with ribbons and florals. I just happened to have a lovely piece of netting with faux pearls and sequins, so I also used that for the front. There is also a vintage glass sweet and smells good too!! :)
This and more can be found on my website, Someplace In Thyme.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi Ho~Hi Ho~ It's Off To Work I Go

Just listed, a beautiful strawberry sachet in blue roses on white. White lace across the front and decorated with lovely blooms, pearls and a silver tone eifel tower.

Oh so pretty at the top with handmade paper roses, sheer ribbon, silk blooms and faux pearls. 

 Sweet and romantic, dressed in pinks, this lovely pillow can be found on my website, Someplace In Thyme.

Monday, December 27, 2010


With Christmas behind me, I find my website depleted and so it's time to go back to work. My hubby had to work today, the kids are grown and on their own so off to the studio I go........
I have begun a new series of what I am calling my "Romantic Pocket Sachets." The name comes from the fact that I will include a pocket somewhere on the front to encase a love note, reminder or gift tag. Each sachet will come with it's own matching tag. The sachet above is the first in the series.

 Handmade paper roses along with faux pearls and some silks grace the front of the pocket, along with some handmade vintage lace.

 Sweet matching gift tag. This is now available on my website Someplace In Thyme.

I also added a sweet set of four faux cookies, decorated with roses, posies and also some faux pearls.

So pretty displayed on a special plate or perfect for gift giving too.