Thursday, April 28, 2011

French Inspired With Natural Canvas

I don't know why this looks and feels so French inspired to me. Maybe it's the natural canvas, the vintage crochet work of the doily, or maybe it's the Eiffel tower tag. I can't put my finger on it, but it just feels that way to me.

As you can see here, this is another one of my pocket pillows, but this pocket was created using a vintage crochet doily. I just love this look.

Silks, handmade paper roses, a button, ribbons and some faux pearls grace the top.

The hardest thing about what I create, is knowing when to stop embellishing. I am having so much fun designing and bringing beautiful items to my website, it's hard to stop playing.
This pillow is listed in my etsy shop under the name SomeplaceInTime. It will appear on my website later today to tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Natural Canvas Pillow With A Little Paris Thrown In

I have been in a natural canvas kind of mood for awhile now and love creating with these natural colors and textures.
This was made today and is a pillow with a vintage crochet doily on the front. Pretty fringe on the sides too.

I picked this vintage doily up yesterday while I was out antiqueing at my favorite mall. The beauty of natural canvas is the many colors that you can find running through the threads. Depending on the area you cut, there can be pink, green, blue, black fibers, just to name a few.

Three vintage buttons and a vintage lace bow were added to the front, along with some florals, pearls and a silvertone charm.

I love the textures of handmade paper roses, silk roses and silk florals. Each has it's own unique look and feel.

The soft presence of something French, never hurts.

Sometimes all a girl needs are pearls (faux of course) and a trip to Paris via a lovely charm! : )
I am off to list this on my website Someplace In Thyme. Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Having Fun In My Studio Today

I have to admit, I count my blessings everyday. As I sit here and blog, I can smell the sweet scent of Jasmine coming in through the family room door. It's just beautiful and reminds me to not only stop and smell the roses, but also to be grateful for being able to do what I do......bringing you lovely items to enjoy. What a life!
This is my latest creation, a glass vanity bottle, decorated with lots and lots of pretties.
Working (maybe I should say "playing") with strands of faux pearls, crimped seam binding and lots of handmade as well as silk flowers, life is certainly a joy each day and working in my studio becomes not work at all.........just fun!

The topper has been painted a creamy white and decorated on one side with jewels. I also layered pearls around the top. Pearls, flowers, ribbons and glue, what more could a girl ask for??!!

This label is one of my favs. I added some little gems to the bottom and also surrounded the edges with an opaque glitter. Yummy!!

My latest pillow creation in lavenders and purples. It's a roll pillow with added blooms on the ends. What could be more romantic?

Isn't she just lovely? Surrounded by ribbons, flowers and hummingbirds. Soft and romantic, you get the feeling she is from another time.....
Below the image, this one of a kind pillow is embellished with an applique pearls and sequins.

Lots of pretty flowers on the ends.

This pillow has a double ruffle and the ends are a beautiful, sheer fabric.
What a day and I am very happy. I hope your days are as fun filled and bright as mine was today.
Thank you for stopping by and these two items can be found on my website, Someplace In Thyme.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You so graciously asked for them and so here they are, slices of cake and mini cupcakes too.
I just listed these on my website, Someplace In Thyme.
The above photo shows a strawberry slice of cake with two mini cupcakes. The cake has been decorated with handmade paper roses, poises and some large faux pearls.
The cupcakes are iced with german glass glitter, and decorated.
What a sweet display in your kitchen or diningroom. Place these treats on a special plate or doily. Either way, there are sure to please, but not the waist line, these are fake!! Yummy goodness for the eyes only.
Pretty on top.

Mini cupcakes look good enough to eat.

White vanilla cake pretty enough for a bride!! This also comes with two mini cupcakes, one vanilla and one strawberry. Pearls on the vanilla cupcake, both have german glass glitter too.

These are not roses, but are handmade gardenias. It's hard to tell them apart, but they are lovely just the same.

I love chocolate and if this were real, I would have eaten it by now!! : ) All of it!!
You just have to have a slice of chocolate cake and two mini cupcakes too. The cupcakes have been sugared with glass glitter, but not the cake.
Carol from the Polka Dot Closet told me about clay roses and suggested I give them a try. Jil from
Say It With Roses also suggested I try this new craft. (new to me anyway)
I decided to go ahead and make some. This chocolate cake has those handmade clay roses along with other flowers on it. I will say that it was lots of fun and I will continue to make them and give them my spin.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to today. More yummy treats coming up soon.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Would you like to add a little romantic to your home? Pretty bottles can give you the look of romance to any room.
Just listed on  my website, Someplace In Thyme, I redid this plain bottle with vintage lace, ribbons, roses and some glitter too.
A pretty label with pink roses, surrounded by a blue glitter for some bling. I also added a bit of dried lavender buds for a sweet scent.

The cork topper has faux pearls on both sides and is a creamy white. Very yummy for you or as a gift for that someone special.

The second in my frame series, this lovely 4 x 6" is an Heirloom white and has been givin a facelift with pink gems, faux pearls and a sweet ribbon at the top. This is hard to resist and would make anyone's picture look fantastic.

I am having so much fun creating pretty things for you. I want to say thank you for all your support, best wishes and for keeping me so busy. I love it. My new adventure is making my own clay roses. It's something new to me and lots of fun too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Spring And Summer Edition Of Shabby Lane Shops Magazine Is In!!

The spring and summer edition of the long awaited Shabby Lane Shops magazine is in. You can purchase this lovely copy at many bookstores across the country, including selected Barnes & Noble book stores.
You can also purchase this edition on my website, Someplace In Thyme. Just $4.95 and FREE SHIPPING.
I will be gone until the 13th of April, so all purchases will be shipped on the 14th.