Saturday, June 7, 2014


I had a play date with myself and look what I did. Yes, I had lots of fun.

Sometimes a girl just has to have fun! I found myself trolling around You Tube and came across a tutorial on how to make gift cards and boxes. It was love at first site. I am pretty sure I was on a site called "my sisters scrapper." I am not sure if she came up with this idea or if it's been around for awhile.
Each one of these boxes contains four cards and four envelopes.
I really wanted to embellish the fronts and  you can see just how sweet they are.

 This is the front of one of the boxes. I also added a Handmade with love charm.
 These are the envelopes, all four are different and each one has it's own little card.

 You could use these for party favors, bridal gifts, hostess gifts and thank yous. I think the ideas go on and on as well as the uses for this cuties.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest treasures and come back again soon for more wonderful ideas.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sweet and Shabby Soap Pockets Are In

 When I came in here and saw that I had not posted since last August, I was shocked! I have been busy with family and life in general, but it didn't occur to me that I had negleted my blog so badly. I hope I have been missed.....LOL
 Last year was not the best year for me, and my website was calling my name. Sometimes you have to listen to the little voice inside your head saying, "get to work!!" My soap pockets are my original design and my customers seem to like them. I have always collected  handmade soaps from as far back as I can remember, so I came up with an idea to use the pretty sachet bags to house the soap. When the soap is gone, you are left with a beautiful bag to hold your jewelry or little what not's.
 These petite totes also make wonderful sachets. Given as gifts, they are perfect for teachers and also Mother's Day.
 They are easy to make and in the near future I think I will do a tutorial on making them. This one has one of my signature handmade roses on top of a piece of vintage crochet work. The Battenburg lace was part of a table cloth I bought while traveling in Germany. It's been used for many years now and was showing it's wear, so I thought I would re-purpose it into something nice for someone else to enjoy.
 All the little details are important to me and you can see that in the above photo. Sooo shabby sweet. There is vintage lace in the blue bag below and a piece of a crochet doily in the blue bag below. The soap I include with each bag is handmade in Italy. They smell so good and I can't resist them when I see them. Italian soap used to be easy to find, but it's getting harder each year. I may have to begin a new career by making my own, Hey, there's a thought!! If you enjoy these beautiful bags, you can find them on my website,