Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You so graciously asked for them and so here they are, slices of cake and mini cupcakes too.
I just listed these on my website, Someplace In Thyme.
The above photo shows a strawberry slice of cake with two mini cupcakes. The cake has been decorated with handmade paper roses, poises and some large faux pearls.
The cupcakes are iced with german glass glitter, and decorated.
What a sweet display in your kitchen or diningroom. Place these treats on a special plate or doily. Either way, there are sure to please, but not the waist line, these are fake!! Yummy goodness for the eyes only.
Pretty on top.

Mini cupcakes look good enough to eat.

White vanilla cake pretty enough for a bride!! This also comes with two mini cupcakes, one vanilla and one strawberry. Pearls on the vanilla cupcake, both have german glass glitter too.

These are not roses, but are handmade gardenias. It's hard to tell them apart, but they are lovely just the same.

I love chocolate and if this were real, I would have eaten it by now!! : ) All of it!!
You just have to have a slice of chocolate cake and two mini cupcakes too. The cupcakes have been sugared with glass glitter, but not the cake.
Carol from the Polka Dot Closet told me about clay roses and suggested I give them a try. Jil from
Say It With Roses also suggested I try this new craft. (new to me anyway)
I decided to go ahead and make some. This chocolate cake has those handmade clay roses along with other flowers on it. I will say that it was lots of fun and I will continue to make them and give them my spin.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to today. More yummy treats coming up soon.


  1. Reading your post made me hungry for those yummy looking cake and cupcakes. I can't wait to see the cupcakes that my oldest grandson is making for Easter. He is learning how to cook which I am glad. Have a great Easter. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Very pretty and your bottle in the last post is beautiful as well...I make the clay roses too and they are fun to make and decorate with...Enjoy! hugs, Jennifer :o) Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. What a pretty post.....You are doing great with your clay roses and don't you just love how they look????


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