Sunday, January 29, 2012

~~~Primitives Two~~~

Ah, it's a birds life.....a crow that is. This sweet thing is something I have had for a long time now, many years of enjoyment we have had together.
I didn't make her, but a very good friend of mine did. I used to be heavily into the primitives and this was one of those things I adored.

Crows and sunflowers have a way of going together like milk and honey, don't they?
Cute fabrics make up the dress and the color has vintage lace and buttons.

Oh baby, just look at those feet. What a pair of beauties you have. We should all be so lucky.

Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face......
Have you ever noticed that you can look at a stuffed animal and it speaks to your heart? Sometimes I just have to avoid them, because if not, I would want to bring them all home with me.
The face on this bunny is just too sweet for words. She was made many years ago and I would classify her as vintage. I have had her for over 30 yrs now, so vintage she is, at least to me.

A friend of mine used to collect handmade, vintage quilts and cut them up to use in her dolls. This was a piece that was used for just that purpose. The ears and the bow in her hair are from a made in America, hand made quilt.
I never knew what a picker was until we met. She had two pickers that used to travel across America looking for quilts to cut up. She never used quilts in perfect condition.
I also remember her telling me, wait until the China invasion and the prices fall, the demand falls and this craft shall too, pass.
I didn't believe her, but after seeing, buying and washing a quilt made in China, I do get her point.
You can't wash something with 1/8" seams and expect it to last.

Vintage linens for pants, how cleaver and cute too. If I remember correctly, they are also tea dyed.
I am putting these primitives on my website for sale this week. Come on over and have a visit, smile and just say hi.
I hope you have enjoyed the sweetness these critters offer.
You can find more at, Someplace In Thyme.


  1. Your crow and bunny are adorable! I especially love the vintage linen used for the pants.

    I must say, I just love stopping by now and then to see what you are doing. Your blog is great and your colors and patterns are beautiful. Your creations are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing with us!


  2. Those are both adorable! I would love to put things like that on the mantle above my unused fireplace :)

  3. Those are both adorable and yes, sometimes they do speak to you and then crazy us we start talking back!


  4. Hi Char:) I love the primitive dolls. The crow is so sweet, no wonder you have been friends for so long:) Sweet bunny too!
    Have a great day,Gail

  5. I love bunnies so there goes my heart! Smile! That crow is an interesting fellow! I do love sunflowers. They make such a happy statement! Hugs Anne


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