Monday, January 9, 2012


I just finished these to heart shaped pillows and hope to get them on my website later today. They are perfect for Valentine's Day, but heart pillows can be used all year long. After all, who couldn't use a heart, or a little love after all?

Made with one of my favorite fabrics, pink roses and teacups, this also has vintage crochet work and vintage buttons.

I also added a silver teacup charm. Goes perfect with the fabric.

Lots of gorgeous pink roses, teapot and more.

I just love using vintage, handmade doilies and linens. My mind goes crazy thinking that I am passing on something that once was so special to someone else. I enjoy knowing that someone's talent, love and time is moving forward with love.

Oooh, such a pretty pink color. Large pink cabbage roses too.

I found a beautiful piece of vintage linen and used it with vintage buttons. The white is crisp and lovely.

The pinkness of it all makes me a happy girl.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the latest of my hand work. These and more can be found on my website,
Someplace In Thyme.


  1. Those are really cute. I love the femineness of them.

  2. Hi Char, I really like your Valentine Heart Pillows. They are so pretty and you are right about using them all year round. Take care Your Missouri Friend.


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