Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vanity/Bath Bottle With Glass Bird~~How To~~

Glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes have become very popular right now.
They are so beautiful left alone to admire there colors and shapes, but~
the bottle you see above was one I found in a favorite shop, and I feel in love with the glass bird on top.
I decided to get one for my website, Someplace In Thyme and do a make over on it.

I took some vintage lace and tied a bow around the neck of the glass bottle. On top of the bow, I added ribbons in various colors, layering them as I went.
Then it's just a matter of adding all the little things you love. For instance, roses, pearls, charms, and some beads off a strand made for wrapping around candles etc.

Meanwhile, don't be afraid to pull out the glue gun and all your trims to have some fun. You might just surprise yourself, or someone else with the beautiful creations you make.
If you are not in the creating mood, this lovely one of a kind beauty can be found on my website.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! The bird on top is exquisite, and your decorating is just gorgeous!

    Many blessings for a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh those are sooo pretty, I am addicted to glass jars and bottles!


  3. your added touches are just perfect. Inspiring way to make up a bottle...
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and take care.

  4. I love it, I am so into glass jars and bottles now. I have yet to try fluffying one up...oh ya on my to do list!


  5. Hi Char-Just wanted to say hello and nice to meet you.I love your blog:)


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