Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Have An Addiction

I have a "thing" for tags. I have said it before and I suppose I will continue to say it. I LOVE THEM!
I made them and I buy them from others. I use them and I give them away. I tried to stop, but I am sick, I can't.

Cutting out shapes and playing with ink and color, somehow calms me. If I am stressed, or tied of playing around with the sewing machine, I find stamping fun and restful.

I am a weaver and so it's no surprise I would have a basket tag.

You don't have to be a basket lover to appreciate the beauty of this tag. It's just cute!!

This paper screamed a little Paris to me. Notice the blue jewels? Fun.....

Tags are perfect as gifts or on just about anything you can think of.

How about a wine lover? My sister in law would love these. She enjoys giving a fine wine to friends, and these tags would be wonderful tied around the neck of the bottle.

A jewel was all she needed for the perfect touch of bling.

I fancy myself as the "Queen of the Manor" so it's no surprise that among my stash of stamps, there would be a crown......oh yeah!

So, if you were ever wondering what my brain does when it needs a rest, this is it!!! I play with ink and paper. What fun.


  1. They are gorgeous, who wouldn't want one of these fabulous tags, now....calm down and make some more ! LOL!


  2. Hey Char, I have not had the bug for tags before. But after seeing yours and listening to you reasons, I think I need to get busy. Your fairy tassle post also caught my eye. I have several of those fairies that I forgot were put away. I'm also trying to change my deck. I was thinking that bright blue & pink might be a refreshing change from my pastels. Thanks for inspiring me.



  3. LOvely tags. I don't think I use tags a lot, only when I buy a bunch f flowers for somebody. But yours are lovely

  4. So stinking cute! I am wishing I had the time and talent to create such beauties! I love tags but currently am tagless! Hee Hee Enoy the weekend. Anne

  5. Yours are beeyouteeful ! I have a box full of tags, I love them too ! I try to be generous with them but some I just can't give away :))


  6. What a magnificient header you have Char....
    These tags are so really nice...they're are a lot worst addictions to have right ?
    i make cards galore, but am intimitaded by tags...funny, huh ? xoxoxo

  7. Those tags are so pretty!! I also love the wallpaper on your blog! It is so soft and pretty. I am a new follower so I'll be visiting often.
    Happy PS!

  8. Hi Char, I miss all of you too at SLS. Are you all planning another get-away together? What fun we had last year. I love your tags and, like you, I really enjoy making them. It's very relaxing to me. I haven't had time to do any paper crafts lately with this mess in my house. I will be so happy to get my studio back. I want to sew and make stuff! xo Lynn

  9. Oh Char, these are PERFECTION--WOW!!! I LOVE what you created!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday...and I also hope that you are not near the fires...I just heard about them on the news and I hope you are safe, my friend. Sending (((hugs))) your way,


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