Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teacup Stand With Vintage Plates And Sweets

I was lucky enough to come by this pretty teacup stand, and decided to do something a bit different with it.
I scoured and scoured the garage sales and antique shops until I was able to come up with four vintage and very lovely plates. Each plate is in vintage condition, no cracks and no chips. Each plate is different from the other, and very pretty.

A gorgeous plate with pink roses and lots of gold trim. Comes with a faux strawberry cake slice. Looks yummy enough to eat, doesn't it. But you can't, it's fake!! : )

More gold around the rim and beautiful pink roses. This plate holds two mini cupcakes, one chocolate and one strawberry. YumO

Maybe you would prefer cookies instead? Here are three heart shaped chocolate cookies that have been sugared with glass glitter. Decorated with a variety of blooms and some pearls too.

This is the only pink plate that I offer. It's also gold on the rim and have a garden of blooms. Comes with a mini cupcake and a petite four. The icing looks good enough to taste.

I hope you have enjoyed by latest creation. This and more can be found on my website, Someplace In Thyme.


  1. This is very pretty! My long time friend found out she is going to be grandma of a little girl by cutting into a cake from her daughter with pink layers yesterday! Your post and photos reminds me of that!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. The pink plate is my favorite. I always like having something to look for. A few years ago I scoured the thrift stores for salad plates for when I have my ladies lunches. I now have 16 assorted flowered vintage plates, it was so much fun!


  3. what a beautiful treasure Char!

  4. Lovely post..Happy Pink Saturday...

  5. I love it, Char! It's very pretty...Christine

  6. I love it too since I have a weakness for vintage plates! My favorite is the one with the pink roses. Hard for me to turn down anything with a rose. Cute faux desserts too!

  7. Totally SWEET and delish. I'm starving. :( Still on WW here so I rarely indulge...

    I'm off to rummage up SOME SORT OF TREAT! Totally YOUR FAULT!

    xxoxoxo :)



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