Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jumping Into The Future Just A Bit

 I decided this year to not wait until the last minute to get my mojo moving and to begin to create while the stress level of getting her done is less. Waiting until the last minute has never been kind to me or my friend. Hence, the Easter Egg Sundaes.
 My mother had these four sundae cups in her kitchen and I don't believe she ever used them. I thought this would be the perfect way to show them off as well as my new egg creations.
 All four of these eggs are heavy card stock that I left au la natural. I decorated the middle of each egg with ribbons, lace, pearls, some have charms and bead work, others have tags. What each one has in common are lots of handmade roses and lots of beauty.
I hope you enjoy my latest and dearest and will come back often to see what this ole gal has been up too. You can find my Easter Egg Sundae's on my website,

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