Friday, August 10, 2012


Have you ever asked yourself what it is about the shape of a heart that makes us melt or simply just smile?
I can't have enough hearts through out my home, they make me happy.
I think I am mostly parcial to the elongated hearts that you find when you look at primitives or grungy crafts. I love those.

But, for my website, I prefer to create heart sachets and fill them with dried lavender buds. Oh boy, do they ever smell so sweet and fresh.

I had so much fun creating these hearts. Some have beadwork and some have fringe. They make the perfect gift too and are ever so romantic.

The above blue, key to my heart has found it's way to another home, but the three sachets above the blue are for sale. I hope you have enjoyed my post today and come back soon. I love to share what I have been up too.


  1. Hi Char, It looks as though you have been busy making hearts. I can almost smell them through the computer. I love the smell of Lavender. I like them all so I would have a hard time choosing one.With my son working in Louisiana, I can have some without worrying about setting his chemical asthma off. Hope everything is o.k. with you. We finally had a couple of beautiful days with temperature in the 80's for a change. Have a great weekend. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Oh, Char ~ These are all so beautiful! But, all of your work is! I love hearts too, and especially love them with lots of lace. My favorites are the white one with the lace and the second one here with a hint of yellow in the fabric.

    Beautiful, Char!
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh Char, be still my heart!! They are all gorgeous and look so fun to make, I can smell them from here!!


  4. HI CHAR!!!
    Your hearts are stunning!!!!I bought a lavender plant while up north at the lavender festival...To small to bloom yet...hopefully next summer!!!!
    I think lavender smells divine!!!
    You are such a special shoes shopping...How fun!!!!We must meet at brio for lunch one day...we are to close not too...I take Miss C to Pre-school on Wed. 9:15 in Cortina....right by you...we should meet for coffee....


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