Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~~Soap Pocket Sachets~~

I have had this idea for soap pockets for many years, and finally got around to creating something I think is wonderful.
After doing the pockets, which can be found in a previous post, I had some round bars of Italian milled soap and decided to create a pocket for those as well.
I came up with the idea of sachet bags with ties on the sides. Enjoy....
These were listed today on my website, SOMEPLACEINTHYME.

They make great gifts. Don't forget Mother's Day, that will be coming up in May.

I am considering doing a tutorial on these beautiful pockets in the future, so check back often.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me. Be sure to check my main blog Someplace In Thyme, as I am doing a tutorial this week on creating a cottage/shabby bottle. Very pretty and oh so easy.


  1. I think I like these better! Wonderful color combos!

  2. They are beautiful each one is so different, they look like they would be fun to make!


  3. These little sachet pockets would be great for all kind of items! So pretty!


  4. Very pretty little bags, I've been meaning to make some for sachets, you have given me some good ideas !

  5. So beautiful! Love your work! Happy Easter!

  6. Ohhh, Char ... these are exquisite!!! I love the detail & colors of each one. Will go take a peek.

    Hope you are doing well ... I see you have some deelish heat out there. Envy ...

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~


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