Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Listings

Another bunny tassel for your decorating pleasure. This sweetie pie has pretty ribbons and poms poms too.
Hangs from a lamp, peg, armoire or hook.

Just look at that sweet face. Yes, spring is on it's way!! It's been a long winter.

Love the colors, so full of life and ready for spring.

You asked for them and here they are. Another set of four, heart shaped cookies. These and more can be found on my website, Someplace In Thyme.


  1. Everything looks lovely and those cookies sure look real.

  2. HI CHAR!!
    you have been quite busy!!
    love those faux cookies!!!
    I just want to eat them!!
    Ok, back to the Children's Museum, I would lvoe to go back but not til after flu season is over, I DO Believe I caught the influenza there!!
    Timing just works out to be there!!Although daughter and grand were there as were her friends and I was only one who walked through that fateful; sneeze????
    OK, oh well, I am just glad I am getting over it!!
    It has been a rough few days!!

  3. Love Mr. bunny! he is so cute and just the right little touch to put spring into a room....and the cookies, yum!


  4. oh it has been a long winter! these are looked for sights! love that bunny and all the ribbon.

  5. Oh sweetie...I'm so glad you came by. I've been soooo busy with life of late I fear I've failed miserably at stopping in to say hello to all my favorite gals! Consider this a BIG, HUGE HELLO! OK?

    You blessed me today with your kind words. Thank you for coming by even though I don't deserve the visit! :(

    Love to you oh beautiful girl~


  6. I love bunnies. This one is so sweet! And the ribbons add an adorable touch!

  7. Char,
    I love the bunny, very pretty. And those heart shaped cookies, oh my! Beautiful blog!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  8. Oh my gosh, Char, pure gorgeousness!!! And I just added you to my "Circle" on Etsy...wishing you a Happy Weekend!

  9. The hearts are beautiful. I just love the amazing things that you can do with ribbons~

  10. Your bunnies are adorable!! The ribbons are just gorgeous. And the cookies OH MY!!!, I can't believe their not real.... I want one now!

  11. Char, you are very talented. I've been admiring your Spring listings. They're all so pretty!

  12. Cute! you are very talented. HPS!

  13. Adore the bunny tassle and those cookies are good enough to eat.........just beautiful



  14. Char, I bet you had so much fun making these gorgeous bunny tassels. Not only sweet to add a touch of fresh Spring time into the home but how precious in a new baby nursery room too. Happy Pink Saturday. xoxo

  15. Char,

    Your confections look luscious but I do not think I could bear to eat them! Such talent. Here in Cooperstown NY we are gearing up for yet another storm. Thanks for stopping by earlier to wish me a happy PS. The loving son (Marine) is on leave now and vacationing with his high school firends.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Simply lovely. As it is snowing here, dreaming of Easter bunnies and spring is fun.
    Have a happy pink week.

  17. Your pink rabbit tassels are so cute! And the pink pillows on your header are fab. I recently became a friend and follower so I can keep track of all of your creations. Hope you will consider same. Hugs, Honey

  18. hello Char - you beat me to it! I was going to send you a message telling you I've worked on the guest bedroom featuring the Paris pillow and the gorgeous Sachet!
    Loving them!
    Thanks again,

  19. This is so beautiful. I love bunnies, and tassels. You have just married two of my loves.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  20. Hey Char!
    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog! It is good to talk to you and see what you have been up to also. I do love those heart cookies, and am still enjoying the ones I bought from you back before Christmas! Just too pretty to pack away! Have a beautiful week and will talk to you soon. God bless.

  21. I love these so much, how darling they are! Thank you for stopping by and kindly commenting. I'm your newest follower and would love it if you choose to follow back sometime. Roz at la bella vita


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