Sunday, March 20, 2016


 I came up with the idea of gift/jewelry bags when I had some gifts to give to someone special. I really felt this was just another way to express how important that person was to me and so I thought I would offer this to you. As you can see, I have been a busy bee.
 These sweet bags come in threes and each one is a different size.
 The smaller bag measures 4", the med bag measures 5" and the larger bag measures in at 6". Each bag is fully lined and closes with a ribbon tie.
 This idea is a wonder way to use up small pieces of fabric and your scraps too.  Bits of lace, ribbons or fringe can make all the difference in the look and feel, so don't be afraid to go for it.
 A bar of soap, some candy, or treats of any kind, just use your imagination and you can dress that simple gift up with a keepsake bag.
 Maybe I will work on a tutorial to share just in case you are wondering how to make one of your own. It's easy and doesn't take long.
If you don't sew or can't be bothered, but would love to own a set of these cute bags, you can visit my website at
Come on over and chat, or create one for yourself or a friend, either way, enjoy your week and thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Purses~Totes~Market Bags

 Purses and bags are a very personal item. I prefer to have a purse that I can throw over my body and have my arms and hands free. I have never been one to like a purse on my arm or have to carry in my hands. I think once you get use to a shoulder bag, it's very hard to go back to the other styles, at least for me it is. The above bag is made with a cute Paris fabric and vintage crochet work. I can imagine someone taking the time to create that work by hand, and I think I did it proud.
 I love the pink roses postcard fabric on the bag above. Bright and cheery, perfect for spring and summer. This also has vintage crochet work, pink and white on the top and a solid pink at the bottom. I think it's pretty girlie.
 Ruffles, now these two bags are just so stinkin cute. I love ruffles, but to be honest, they don't love me. Maybe when I was a bit younger I could wear them, but now, well.....not so much. But, on a tote, sure!! I love the inside fabric as much as the outside fabric. Pretty roses and lots of lace too. Both these totes are light and just so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed this post today. More totes coming your way in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy, and as always, these and more can be found on my website,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

For The Love Of Easter And All That Means

 Easter is a beautiful religious holiday and we all celebrate with our own traditions, whatever those may be. It can be a very spiritual day and some tend to keep it private, while others are out there in full swing. It's the awakening of life, or the rebirth of life and it can take many different forms.
 I love the spring season and all it brings to my craft room/work room. It is a time to get busy and get things done before the summer heat of the desert sets in. I have created plaques like the one above using a piece of wood, painted it and applied a lovely graphic and all the decorations I could find. So dang cute even if I do say so myself. LOL!
 The above cups come from my father in laws stash. In the good ole days, parties often used a large punch bowl and cups like these. I don't have the punch bowl but I do have quite a few of these cups. They are a silver plated that I painted a cottage white and decorated. Each cup contains a wooden egg, also painted, glittered and decorated, so cute.
 This little gem is a decorated egg, extra large in which the top is filled with ribbons, pearls, roses and some silks. I even added a too cute bunny on the top just for the occasion. HA! Spells Easter to me.
 My mother had an older glass dish in the shape of a heart, of course I added five decorated eggs to it and there you have it, the perfect gift or shabby/cottage decor.
 Another punch bowl cup, only this one I left alone instead of painting. I used a nest with eggs and some beautiful trims to shabby her up and get her ready for a new home. Cute enough to keep out all year long. Nests are not just for Easter.
A natural egg in a sundae glass. Why not? Looks so good to me, and it's all decorated with flowers, handmade roses and some bling. Like what you see? You can find all this and more on my website,

Monday, February 15, 2016


 I have a few teacups in my stash and so this week I decided to have a cup of tea, but not the regular way, lets have some pincushions instead. LOL, o.k I know it's a bit cheeky......
 This makes a great way to show off the cups and some design work too. I love the ribbons and all the flowers, some handmade and some silks from the craft shop.
Each pincushion comes with handmade pins. I use my beads and try to create the pins around what ever roses, colors and design I use. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I do making them. More coming your way. I believe two of these gorgeous items are sold already, but don't fret, I am on a be continued.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


 O.K, I know I can't count. If you caught the title it says five and there are six here. What happened you asked? Well, one of these was in my last post, but I can't remember which one, so we are doing an instant replay. LOL
 Lots of love and I can say I really did enjoy creating these but I am happy to be moving on for awhile.
 My other hearts sold and I needed to sew up some more, but I think I am going to doing a rag quilt and see how that goes. It will be my first one and I have to say I am excited.
 I will be sure to post it once it's finished.
 If you follow my work, you know I love, love and love to play with paper, glue and all those goodies. I am trying my hand at some toilet paper roll tags. I am a tag a holic and decided to give these away as gifts. I will post those too and let you decide for yourselves if this is something I should be doing. Ha. Until then, I will leave you with a very pretty pink roses on a sea of black, just love that combo and love the bead work too.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Heart Sachets

 I don't feel the shape of a heart is just for Valentine's Day, but can be out all year long. I was on a heart binge this week and created, designed and listed these four hearts for sale in my website. Each heart contains some talc for a sweet and very light fragrance. The sachet above has a beautiful fabric and trim. Sometimes simple is best and I thought the roses on this fabric would be best served if they didn't have too much foo foo.
 This fabric was another story. I love the eyelash trim and the fringe with this pattern. Under the eyelast trim, there is some pink lace. Just stunning and elegant for sure. This sachet just sold today, so someone is going to be very happy.
 I have to say I have always loved this fabric. It was very popular about six or so years ago and it's an oldie but goodie. I don't think anyone would say they are sorry to still see it being used. I have very little of this pattern left, so I tend to horde a bit.
There are no words for this sachet, well, I can think of many words for this sachet, gorgeous, over the top, beautiful and so on and so on. I am in love with all the beadwork and this is a show stopper. I might just have to keep her for myself. Can you keep a secret? I am in a heart swap and I made an extra for my swap partner. I hope she loves it as much as I do.
Be well, open your hearts to others and have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jumping Into The Future Just A Bit

 I decided this year to not wait until the last minute to get my mojo moving and to begin to create while the stress level of getting her done is less. Waiting until the last minute has never been kind to me or my friend. Hence, the Easter Egg Sundaes.
 My mother had these four sundae cups in her kitchen and I don't believe she ever used them. I thought this would be the perfect way to show them off as well as my new egg creations.
 All four of these eggs are heavy card stock that I left au la natural. I decorated the middle of each egg with ribbons, lace, pearls, some have charms and bead work, others have tags. What each one has in common are lots of handmade roses and lots of beauty.
I hope you enjoy my latest and dearest and will come back often to see what this ole gal has been up too. You can find my Easter Egg Sundae's on my website,